Joint staff training event took place in Riga

Within the Joint staff training event (part of the ENAI project), Riga Technical University organized a one-day conference “Building a Culture of Academic Integrity in Education” on October 17. It consisted of the main session, a special section “Academic integrity in medicine”, panel discussion and four workshops “Technology Enhanced Approaches for Creating Academic Integrity Awareness”, “Integrity in the Classroom”, “Plagiarism Awareness”, and “Tools Supporting Academic Integrity”. The conference was attended by representatives (administrative staff, academics, researchers, and students) of different Latvian universities, Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia, student bodies, Higher education quality bodies, etc.

Thanks to the Council of Europe, selected webinars were transmitted online and their recordings are available also after the event.

The following presentations of the project partners were included in the event:

  • Main session
    • European Network for Academic Integrity: Supporting Universities to Work Together (Foltýnek Tomáš)
    • Strategies for Academic Integrity, focusing on the Baltic States (Glendinning Irene)
    • Academic Integrity Policies of Baltic State-Financed Universities in Online Public Spaces (Anohina-Naumeca Alla, Tauginienė Loreta, Odiņeca Tatjana)
    • Academic Integrity: Regulations and Practice at Riga Technical University (Birzniece Ilze)
    • Retractions Originating from Post-socialist Countries (Tauginienė Loreta)
    • Integrity Management in High Schools (Gaižauskaitė Inga, Tauginienė Loreta)
  • Special section “Academic Integrity in Medicine”
    • The Importance of Scientific Integrity in Medicine (Cosentino Marco)
    • Promoting Integrity in Biomedical Research: Practical Experiences (Marino Franca)
    • Academic Integrity and Medical Education (Ribeiro Laura)
    • Making Medical Students Understand the Basic Ethics in relation to Their Professions – Why, When, and How? (Sivasubramaniam Shiva)


  • Workshop “Integrity in the Classroom
    • Academic Integrity Workshop for Secondary School Teachers (Dlabolová Dita)
    • How to Deal with Contract Cheating (Králíková Veronika)
  • Workshop “Plagiarism Awareness
    • Technical vs. Policy Aspect of Plagiarism (Foltýnek Tomáš)
    • Avoiding Plagiarism in Academic Writing (Razi Salim, Sivasubramaniam Shiva)


  • Workshop “Tools Supporting Academic Integrity
    • Experiences in Establishing National Plagiarism Detection Systems (Kravjar Július, Ojsteršek Milan)
    • Educational Resources for Plagiarism Prevention. Practical Work with Examples (Trevisiol Oliver)