Award Process

Call for Nominations

Notification of the opening of the awards process will be communicated each year in advance of the annual conference by email, social media, other related conferences and through the ENAI web site.
Nominations may be submitted at any time for consideration by the ENAI Awards Sub-Committee prior to the stated deadline: 17th May 2021.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations for awards may be submitted by any member of ENAI or ENAI supporters via the ENAI awards submission portal (by direct submission and/or to a confidential email address). The normal process will be for nominees to be submitted by a third party. Self-nomination is not encouraged.
Nomination forms include the following:

Name of nominee(s), affiliated institution or organization and contact details
Name of nominator, affiliated institution or organization, and relationship to nominee (if any) as well as contact details
For self-nomination - Name and contact details of 2 endorsers/referees
Title of the award for which nominated
Narrative of up to 400 words that details the significance, range, challenges, and impact of the work, and how it has inspired perseverance, courage and or bravery in others in the field of academic integrity.  Attaching documentation is encouraged.

The awards sub-committee reserves the right to contact supporters and nominators to request additional information about the nominee or to clarify questions about the nominee.
Nominators should receive an automated acknowledgement message to the email ID provided acknowledging receipt of nomination (follow-up process).

Evaluation of Nominations

The Awards subcommittee consisting of members of the ENAI Board and the Awards working group will review all the nominations and select recipient(s) based on individual merit according to the evidence provided. Awards will only be given to truly exemplary nominees, and typically just one award will be given annually. Duplicate awards are possible though not anticipated, and an award will not be given if there are no suitable candidates.

The Awards subcommittee will discuss the merits of nominations before final selection of the successful candidate(s). Responsibility and accountability regarding objectivity and confidentiality will be practiced in assessing nominations. Should any member of the sub- committee have a conflict of interest relating to a nominee, he/she shall be required to declare the relationship and/or conflict and subsequently disassociate him/herself from the deliberation or decision-making relating to that nomination.

If the Awards subcommittee so desires, they may acknowledge the other nomination(s) during the presentation of awards or through appropriate informal recognition (e.g. Certificate of Appreciation or similar). [Particularly because ENAI awards are intended to inspire others, we would like to highlight all efforts and achievements that might serve in that capacity.]

The deliberation process for deciding the awards is confidential and the decisions taken by the sub-committee are non-negotiable.

Resubmission for consideration: should a candidate be unsuccessful, re-nomination for/of the same individual/group can be made as early as the following year; resubmission of a successful candidate can only be made after a minimum of three years have passed.

Notification of Awards

The names and details of recipients of an award should subsequently be publicized adequately through different ENAI channels, as well through Press Releases made to each recipient’s local  area media outlets. It should be noted on the nomination form that information included in the award nomination will be used for communication of awards purposes for successful recipients.