ENAI Awards

Criteria and case for nomination for all awards

  • Nomination Overview <= 1000 characters. Please list and describe relevant activities and practices (including publications and research if relevant) of the nominee that relate to the objectives of ENAI
  • Impact of Achievement  <= 1000 characters. Describe what the nominee (researcher or research group) has achieved in their activities, practices, and/or research that makes their contributions innovative or ground-breaking
  • Outcomes and evidence (no more than 700 characters). Evidence of relevant achievements, effectiveness, impacts, who benefited, how widespread and the potential to be duplicated and sustained elsewhere.
  • Inspiration, reach, and spread (no more than 700 characters). Please include information detailing how the above efforts are being used as a model or inspiration for additional activities that further the goals of the ENAI and/or serve as a catalyst for positive change.
  • Any supporting materials deemed necessary can be sent to the confidential email awards@academicintegrity.eu putting the Name of the Nominee in the Subject Line. Where there are supporting materials in a language other than English, please provide a brief summary in English when possible.

Where applicable, the nominator should clarify the details of any external support and/or funding received by the nominee related to their nomination.

Criteria for each category, the stated objective of the award will be considered with respect to effectiveness, impact, sustainability, and potential as a model.