Call for nominations for the ENAI Awards

The European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) seeks to acknowledge through awards those individuals whose work in the field of academic integrity locally, nationally and/or globally showcases exceptional contributions and serves as encouragement for sustained work in the field. Recipients chosen to receive ENAI Awards will have demonstrated the values of academic integrity in advancing the values, goals, and/or work of the organization and will have demonstrated a commitment to bringing about positive culture change.

Formal recognition shall take place at the upcoming annual conference at which the recipient will receive a trophy or plaque.

Award Category

ENAI Member Award for significant, innovative or ground-breaking contributions in advancement of academic integrity core values, goals, and/or culture change. This award is restricted to those individuals affiliated with an ENAI member institution or who are individual ENAI supporters. Nominations will be assessed on the basis of the effectiveness, impact, sustainability of the academic integrity efforts undertaken and in terms of their potential as a model or inspiration for future work.

Submission: Nominations may be submitted until 1 May 2019.

Nominations can be submitted to the following confidential email:

Nomination Procedure

Nominations may be submitted by any person affiliated to an ENAI member institution or by an ENAI supporter. Nominations are typically submitted by a third party, but self-nomination is acceptable if the nomination includes contact details of at least one supporter or referee. The nomination form requires that the case is made for why the nominee deserves to receive an award, with distinct reference to how the individual’s contribution demonstrates academic integrity core values and goals’ achievement.

Nominations should include the following:

  • Name of nominee, affiliated institution or organization and contact details
  • Name of nominator, affiliated institution or organization, and relationship to nominee (if any) as well as contact details
  • Name and contact details of endorser(s)/referee(s) (if applicable: self-nomination)
  • Narrative of up to 200 words that details what has inspired the nomination [Supporting materials can be attached. Where there are supporting materials in a language other than English, please provide a brief summary in English.]

The Awards Committee reserves the right to contact supporters and nominators in pursuit of more information about the nominee, if necessary.

Evaluation of Nominations

A committee appointed by the ENAI Board will review all the nominations and discuss the merits of the nominations before deciding on the successful candidate. Selection of the successful candidate will be based on individual merit according to the evidence provided. The committee is responsible and accountable for maintaining objectivity in assessing nominations.  Should any member of the committee have a conflict of interest relating to a nominee, he/she will proactively advise the committee and recuse him/herself from the deliberations or decision-making processes relating to that nomination. The deliberation process for deciding the awards is confidential and the decision taken by the committee is non-negotiable.

Notification of Awards

The name and details of the award recipient will be announced at the ENAI annual conference in Vilnius and publicized through ENAI channels as well as more broadly. Information included in the award nomination will be used for communication of awards purposes for the successful recipient.

NOTE: Multiple awards are possible though not foreseen, and the committee may decide not to make an award if it is felt that no nominations met the agreed upon standard.