Press Release 18th April 2020: ENAI Award for Dr. Tracey Bretag, Dr. Irene Glendinning and Mr. Stefan-Marius Deaconu

Press Release: ENAI Awards PAEB2020

The following individuals are the confirmed winners of the 2020 Awards for service to academic integrity, conferred by the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) as announced on Saturday 18 April 2020 at the 6th International Conference Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond, hosted by the University of Wollongong in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Congratulation to: Dr. Tracey Bretag, Dr. Irene Glendinning and Mr. Stefan-Marius Deaconu! Please read on below.

Mr. Stefan-Marius Deaconu

ENAI Student Award for innovation and leadership at the student level.

Conferred for the first time, the Student Award found its worthy recipient in Stefan-Marius, who triumphed against three other very worthy candidates, namely Ms. Veronika Králíková of Mendel University, Brno Czechia; Ms. Priyanka Hemnani of University of Wollongong in Dubai, UAE; and Mr. Giga Khositashvili of Ilia State University, Georgia.

Nominated on behalf of the National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania (ANOSR) for how he has advocated for students regarding ethics and academic integrity within the national higher education system, Marius served as its Vice President from 2017-19 and its President for 2017-8. His efforts have focused on searching for best practice at international level and introducing an ethics culture at national level.

According to Ms. Irina Duma, Vice President for International Relations of ANOSR, Marius took strong stands promoting ethics and academic integrity within Romanian higher education institutions and on behalf of Romanian students at international level while a member of the European Students’ Union (ESU*). He did this not only through attendance at several ESU events but also as spokesperson of the National Council for Ethics and University Management (CEMU).

Ms Duma supports that Marius’ hard work has unquestionably been “inspirational from many perspectives” identifying his perseverance “as [a] catalyst for positive change in Romania.” “He hasn’t given up on militating for introduction of preventive & awareness measures regarding academic integrity at all levels of higher education” she adds, continuing his activity despite the high-profile cases he is battling.

Some of the activities evidencing his service to academic integrity include:

– an analysis regarding breaches of ethics within Romanian Higher Education Institutions, called “<Copy-paste> Universities: the phenomenon of plagiarism and academic imposture in Romanian higher education”, through which he evidenced the lack of prevention measures regarding plagiarism and mapping the national legal framework with respect to the international practices regarding this subject (2016)
– as a CEMU member and spokesperson, being in charge of very difficult cases submitted (from a complexity and workload perspective). His role includes analyzing the majority of filed complaints by the higher education institutions’ representatives and composing a resolution, based on the national legal framework and international trends regarding ethics and university management practices. (Dec. 2019-present). Some of these cases include:

  • a proposal for the first time in Romania for the suspension of a rector.
  • unlocking a plagiarism file regarding a PhD thesis, whose author was the head of the prosecutor’s office within the Romanian Superior Council of Magistracy and whose scientific coordinator was the university’s rector & former Minister of Justice. (The intimation was made by Emilia Șercan, investigative journalist and Academic Integrity activist)

Some further outcomes of Marius’ efforts can be evidenced in the fact that while he was President of ANOSR, after two years of struggle with decision-makers, Ethics and Academic Integrity courses were finally introduced through a Minister Order within all study levels (bachelor, master’s and PhD).

Marius is completing a PhD in History at the University of Bucharest, Romania.

*ESU is the umbrella organization of 46 national unions of students from 40 countries, representing almost 20 million students (Wikipedia).

Dr. Irene Glendinning

ENAI Member Award for significant, innovative or ground-breaking contributions in advancement of academic integrity core values, goals, and/or culture change.  

Irene Glendinning – Academic Manager for Student Experience at Coventry University U.K. – needs little introduction within the ENAI community, serving not only as the organization’s Vice President 2017-20 but also due to her significant contributions through AI advisory groups regionally, nationally and internationally.

Irene’s impact on advancing academic integrity comes not only through her role on the Board as well as heading the working group “Integrity in Academic Dissemination & Publishing.” Rather, her “unstoppable passion and enthusiasm,” Tomáš Foltýnek notes, is testified through continuous diverse presentations to all levels of stakeholders and her research into plagiarism and various quality assurance angles.

A small sampling of this commitment:

– member of an international committee set up in 2019 by the International Center of Academic Integrity to promote the International Day of Action against Contract Cheating; Irene was instrumental in outreach efforts with 3 webinars she conducted on the subject with colleague Thomas Lancaster.

–  contributing author to the quintessential Handbook of Academic Integrity

–  managed and supervised the review process as well as gave keynote addresses at the first four conferences of Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond (2013, 2015, 2017, 2018). Even for subsequent conferences, she is deemed to be a most valuable reviewer and contributor.

– invited speaker on different global platforms – repeatedly for Ethics, Transparency and Integrity in Education (ETINED) (Council of Europe), and very recently in Oman at the Gulf Network for Quality Assurance of Higher Education in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

– Principal Investigator for the Erasmus funded project Impact of Policies for Plagiarism, Higher Education Across Europe (IPPHEAE 2010-2013). Irene continues to work collaboratively with other researchers globally, in working groups as well as research and development projects, continuing research into growing and evolving threats to integrity affecting educational standards and quality globally (South East European Project on Policies for Academic Integrity – SEEPPAI 2016-7, and Project of AI in Caucasus, Kazakhstan and Turkey – PAICKT 2018-19).

– lead a global study for the Council for Higher Education Accreditation & its International Quality Group (CHEA/CIQG) on how accreditation and quality assurance bodies are responding to different forms of corruption in higher education (2019).

Regarding her impact on the organization, Tomáš Foltýnek identifies Irene’s huge inspiration. He indicates: “ENAI was founded actually thanks to Irene: she was the leading partner in the IPPHEAE project – which started the tradition of the conferences. These activities then resulted in the foundation of the ENAI network.
Even if there is effort from many people behind ENAI and the conferences, if we hadn’t had Irene and her enthusiasm at the very beginning, we wouldn’t have any network and wouldn’t be looking forward to the 6th annual conference.”

Lifetime Achievement Award: Dr. Tracey Bretag

: recognizing exceptional Courage, Perseverance, or Leadership in the service of integrity

Professor in the School of Management, University of South Australia, Tracey receives the honorable distinction of Lifetime Achievement Award, conferred for the first time by ENAI.

There is little that needs to be said of an individual who is selected as one of the

“People of the Year: Who Mattered in Higher Education in 2019” by Times Higher Education

But for us at ENAI, there is a lot more to be said – and seen – which we invite you to do by leafing through the following booklet, created by a few of her appreciative colleagues/friends:

We choose to honor Tracey in this unique manner, as part of the distinction ENAI bestows on her. There is much to learn about Tracey there, as well as to appreciate different moments in her life – as well as ours, with her!

Respectfully composed by E.L. Mourelatos, Head of the ENAI Awards Committee

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