ENAI Working Group

Ethical Advisory Group

The Ethical advisory group is established to fulfill ENAI’s commitment to academic integrity and promote an ethical code of conduct/practice amongst its member institutions and beyond.


  • Shiva Sivasubramaniam, University of Derby, UK (head)
  • Irene Glendinning, Coventry University, UK
  • Zeenath Reza Khan, University of Wollongong in Dubai, Dubai
  • Shamima Lasker
  • Franca Marino, University of Insubria, Italy
  • Salim Razi, Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey
  • Laura Ribeiro, University of Porto, Portugal


The working group aims to provide unbiased advice and consultancy on embedding ethical principles within all types of academic, research and public engagement activities. Our main objective is to promote ethical practice and share good practice in this field. As the name suggests, it is merely an advisory group with the purpose of standardising ethical norms and to offer strategic support to activities including:

  • Render advice and assistance to develop institutional ethical committees and their regulations in member institutions
  • Share good practice in research and academic ethics
  • Act as a critical guide to institutional review processes assisting them maintain/achieve ethical standards
  • Collaborate with similar bodies in establishing collegiate partnerships to enhance awareness and practice in this field
  • Provide support within and outside ENAI to develop materials to enhance teaching activities in this field
  • Organising training for students and young researchers about ethical behaviours in form of lectures, seminars, debates and Webinars
  • Enhance research and disseminate the findings in matters and topics related to ethics


Ethics governs everything in our day to day life. As academics, we are governed by ethics as it ensures good practice, self-esteem and dignity. They are a valuable part of academic integrity. In fact, there are a number of ethical standards that have been accepted throughout world which all academics and researchers are expected to comply with. As an advisory group, we feel it is important to establish ethical norms in any institution. Therefore as a part of ENAI, we are providing consultancy to individuals and institutions to help them to establish research ethics infrastructure and improve self-regulation. However, acting as an ethical approval committee (so-called institutional review board) or giving legislative advice is beyond the scope of this group. Our remits are currently limited to:

  • Developing institutional ethical committees
  • Determining the need of ethical approval for research, teaching and public engagement activities
  • Advice on ethical approval process and Individual ethical applications
  • Constructing participant informed consents
  • Formulating participant health questionnaire

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