ENAI Working Group

Integrity in School Education

Integrity in education is not limited to higher education only. It is a necessity for students at all levels of education, starting from primary education.


  • Özgür Çelik, Balikesir University, Turkey (head)
  • Colleen Fleming, Calgary Academy, Canada
  • Irene Glendinning, Coventry University, UK
  • Dita Henek Dlabolová, ENAI, Czechia
  • Zakir Hossain, ICS Inter-Community School Zurich, Switzerland
  • Leeanne Morrow, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Zeenath Reza Khan, University of Wollongong in Dubai, UAE
  • Salim Razı, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey
  • Rita Figueiras Alves dos Santos, ENAI, Portugal
  • Güneş Saygı, Adana Anatolian High School, Turkey
  • Shivadas Sivasubramaniam, University of Derby, UK
  • Temel Serdar Yılmaz, Balikesir University, Turkey

Would you like to become a member of the working group? Please, contact Özgür Çelik.


Much of the current literature, policies and educational tools focusing on academic integrity target higher education levels (e.g. master’s and PhD levels). Academic integrity policies and educational resources tailored to primary and secondary school education remain largely absent, despite their relevance in shaping young students’ ethical academic practices. Moreover, unethical academic practices such as plagiarism and giving undeserved authorship in schoolwork have also been reported at the pre-university level. Empowering students in academic integrity should start at the earliest stages of formal education. Embracing the fundamental values of academic integrity involves mental and behavioural processes. Therefore, it is essential to start academic integrity training in secondary education, where learners build their cognitive and behavioural capacities. Academic integrity training in secondary education helps mitigate academic misconduct in higher education.

Within this scope, our working group strives to:

  • Promote academic integrity across pre-university education
  • Encourage pre-university schools to develop and implement academic integrity policies
  • Create and curate materials to raise awareness of academic integrity in school education
  • Cooperate and collaborate with all pre-university education stakeholders


  • Promote academic integrity across school education (i.e. from primary school to secondary school);
  • Contribute to scientific knowledge (e.g. papers, conferences, workshops, etc.);
  • Design and develop teaching materials about academic integrity tailored to primary and secondary schools levels;
  • Collaborate with primary and secondary schools to develop and implement academic integrity policies;
  • Develop workshops about academic integrity for primary and secondary school teachers;
  • Develop initiatives for teachers and students to dialogue about academic integrity.


The ENAI database of educational materials contains materials targeting at teachers and students from school education. Our working group create materials for the ENAI database to promote academic integrity in school education.

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