Plagiarism and Academic Integrity Game

Plagiarism and Academic Integrity Game
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Plagiarism and Academic Integrity Game

26. 04. 2019

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Interactive game about consequences of plagiarism, information sharing, unintentional plagiarism, forms of plagiarism and other related issues.

The game is using the format of a TV show Jeopardy, it is freely available at and was created by an anonymous author.

Basic game instructions:
(prepared by Dr Zeenath Khan)

    • You split your classroom into number of teams as you need (eg. a class of 20 could be split into 5 teams). You then select the number. Give each team a number corresponding to that on the screen.
    • Click Start, and the screen shows you “categories” and “points”. Let’s say you start with a random question and whichever team is able to answer it can choose a category for the first round.
    • Then, beginning with team 1, they can choose which using the “weight” they would like to answer. Eg. “Information Sharing” for “300”. You click on that and the question shows on the screen. You give the team 30 seconds to answer.
    • Once they do, you click the “Reveal Correct Answer” will come. If the team gets it right, click the + sign on that Team and they get the score. Then press Esc to go back to the questions.

This can be the basic format. You could easily spice things up by saying they will get negative if they get it wrong. Or instead of turn by turn, you could make it a buzzer game.

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