Plagiarism: technical versus political solutions

Plagiarism: technical versus political solutions
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Plagiarism: technical versus political solutions

13. 07. 2019

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University teachers

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Foltýnek Tomáš


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Tomáš Foltýnek‘s Keynote speech about technical and political points of view to plagiarism.

Speech at 4th international conference Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond 2018 (9th-11th May 2018, Ephesus, Turkey)

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Length: 38 minutes


Addressing plagiarism is a complex issue with is no easy stand-alone solution.
Basically, each solution has two parts: A quality text matching software with sufficient database of resources, and clearly defined, communicated and generally accepted policy and procedures on how this software is used and how the results are dealt with. Surprisingly, there are still many universities who declare to address plagiarism, but after a closer look, they have just a piece of software, which is rarely used and the outputs are rarely checked. On the other hand, proper usage of the software accompanied by perfect procedures neither can address the issue if the software is poor or the database is not sufficient. The speech will combine technical and political points of view to plagiarism.
Technical approaches to plagiarism detection will be introduced as well as methods how some software can be “cheated”. To what extent are improvements of the software worth it? Do we need better software then are the procedures for its using? Weaknesses of policies and procedures will be illustrated by specific cases worldwide. The speech will end up with an attempt to draft principles of fool proof policy for plagiarism taking into account technical means, nature of its users and cultural context.

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