New benefit for ENAI members

Dear ENAI members,

We are pleased to inform you about a new benefit for ENAI members!

We purchased one-year advanced membership at SurveyMonkey (from 16/4/2019 valid until 16/4/2020) (List of features – ADVANTAGE Primary it was purchased as a platform used for iCOP (International Contract cheating project), but if you are interested in using this platform for your academic integrity research, we are happy to share the account with you. For more information, please contact Veronika:

About iCOP: in cooperation with Zeenath and Sabiha from UOWD we designed project which has a challenging aim: To conduct comprehensive study to investigate contract cheating across countries in order to explore and develop understanding of the issue from an international perspective.
The questionnaire was already designed and will be distributed in partner countries (now the UAE and the Czech Republic, but we are looking for more partners) – we would be happy to cooperate with anyone, who is interested. Please let us know; we will be glad to provide you with more information. (Web page will be ready soon!)


Veronika Králíková
Mendel university in Brno