Integrity in Secondary Education


Integrity in education is not limited to higher education (HE) only. It is a necessity for students at  all levels of education starting from primary education.

Many university teachers expect their students to apply the knowledge and skills of  integrity – such as academic writing or proper referencing etc. They expect the students to be prepared in the secondary schools.

In contrast, secondary school teachers often focus on subject-specific preparation for HE, rather than teaching about academic integrity. Moreover, secondary education in many countries has a national curriculum which has less emphasis on academic integrity. Therefore teachers neither have time nor the materials on how to teach their students integrity.

Therefore, ENAI aims to collaborate  with the secondary education sector and offers it the support to enhance integrity education at schools.


The goal of the working group is to collaborate with the secondary education sector and provide support (mainly in the forms of consultations, workshops or teaching materials) to enhance integrity in secondary education.


The ENAI database of educational materials contains materials targeting at teachers and students from secondary education.


  • Özgür Çelik
  • Dita Henek Dlabolová
  • Ansgar Schaefer
  • Shivadas Sivasubramaniam


The working group Integrity in Secondary Education is looking for a new head and new members!

Who is the ideal head of the group?

An academic integrity enthusiast with a relationship to secondary education.

What would be the responsibilities of the head?

  • To supervise maintaining the existing ENAI educational materials for secondary education.
  • To initiate development of new materials and workshops.
  • To actively initiate cooperation with secondary schools, teachers and students.

Are you interested in joining the group or becoming the head?

Please contact Dita Dlabolová ( The head would then be approved by the ENAI Board.