Support for the victims of academic misconduct

The creation of a community-backed support group for cases of plagiarism or other types of academic misconduct contributes to the promotion for academic integrity overall and at the same time it contributes to a community-wide dialogue that will provide adherence to high standards of ethics. It has been documented in the literature that many cases of plagiarism go unaccounted because the victims realize that addressing such issues requires resources that exceed those available to them. This working group aims to provide practical advice and guidance to all victims who seek support.

It is important to underline that we use the word victim of plagiarism in an all-inclusive manner since there are many potential victims. Certainly, the person whose work has been the target of academic misconducts is the direct victim of the plagiarism. However, we also recognize other key stakeholders including but not limited to editors and reviewers of journals, track and program chairs of conference proceedings, and all those who offer services to their community through peer reviewing manuscripts and ideally identifying the fact that plagiarism has occurred, with all the heavy administrative load that is required or the necessary ex-ante retraction processes that need to be initiated when a plagiarized version is identified. Furthermore, the affiliated institution of the victim has to initiate time consuming processes that consume valuable resources

This support group aims to develop and sustain educational and mentoring support for victims and initiate dialogue for limiting their burden.

Members of the group


  • Rita Figueiras Alves dos Santos, ENAI, Portugal


  • Tomáš Foltýnek
  • Caron McKenna
  • Milan Ojsteršek
  • Zeenath Khan Reza