Survey working group


There has been a number of surveys conducted on academic integrity and it is a reasonable method for collection of large scale, longitudinal, comparative data. However, the field of academic integrity involves variety of issues and none of the surveys covers the full range of them. For example, plagiarism and contract cheating among university students are currently among focal topics whereas research studies focusing on schools - are rather limited. University students, teachers as well as administrators are much more common as target groups of the surveys while opinions of parents, employees or social partners are rarely, if at all, explored. Also, there are cases when surveys on academic integrity do not properly consider methodological principles to improve validity and reliability of data (such as piloted research instruments) or ethical principles that must be followed in the process of data collection (such as guaranty of anonymity of respondents, informed voluntary participation).


We aim at enhancing knowledge, making awareness and establishing constructive dialogues on issues related to academic integrity at schools, general public, and universities based on data collected via international comparative surveys. We seek to contribute to the research in this field by conducting critical review of currently ongoing international surveys and reporting on possible validity and usefulness issues. Ultimately, we would aim to develop an international survey toolkit that individuals or institutions can use to survey academic integrity, and guidance principles for how to use it.

Members of the group

Inga Gaižauskaitė
Sonja Bjelobaba
Zeenath Reza Khan
Laura Ribeiro
Shiva Sivasubramaniam
Stella-Maris Orim
Phil Newton
Veronika Kralikova
Emilia Sercan
Lorna Waddington