Working Group for Students


Students are central to the conversation on academic integrity and it is important that they have a safe and supportive platform to voice their opinions, share their thoughts and take the lead in actions and activities that impact them.

At the last ENAI AGM, members discussed the need to encourage and include students and increase student involvement in academic integrity. The AGM members announced the formation of the Working Group for Students to be led by students.


To promote academic integrity in an international context from students` perspective by providing a forum for students to communicate with each other and with the greater ENAI membership.

Objectives / Strategic Goals

The purpose of the working group is:

  1. Integrate students and student bodies in ENAI activities
  2. Support student community with academic integrity tools and resources
  3. Consult with ENAI members on students’ involvement in the area of academic integrity
  4. Conduct research on academic integrity involving student bodies of ENAI members
  5. Publish Academic Integrity Student Chapters


ENAI Member Consultants to the Group

  • Dr Irene Glendining, Coventry University, UK
  • Dr Zeenath Reza Khan, Centre for Academic Integrity in the UAE, UOWD, UAE

Membership Criteria

  • Members should have an “active“ student enrollment status, full time or part time, currently enrolled in a higher education institution
  • Members should be 18 years or above
  • Members should be committed to upholding the values of academic integrity


Why Join Us?

Students becoming active members will benefit from:

  • Understanding and learning about values of academic integrity and writing
  • Through ENAI, contributing to national and international policy making/review activities
  • Availing opportunities in capacity building in areas such as research and event organization
  • Meeting like-minded students and accessing experts in academic integrity from Europe and beyond

Member Expectations

  • The group works on a voluntary-basis, expecting student members to contribute based on their interests, experience and availability.
  • Students are expected to attend at least one meeting annually.
  • Students are expected to contribute to the aims and objectives of the working group. Their participation will be validated through contributions in different panels, working groups or written material that will be published during their involvement.
  • For all active members, each student shall be provided with a Certificate of Contribution to ENAI at the end of their involvement.

Nature of Membership

  • Membership of this working group is free and open for one year with provision for annual renewals.
  • The group expects to hold virtual meetings at least once every three months, with provision for more frequent meetings depending on the group’s workload and urgency of matters.

How to Join?

To apply, we invite students to send us a short one-page CV along with an Expression of Interest which describes the reason(s) for wanting to join the group and what they feel they would like to contribute.

We encourage potential members to apply as soon as possible. Applications should be sent to

For more information, please contact Oraz Myradov, Executive Committee Member of the European Students’ Union.