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The Lab: Avoiding Research Misconduct (Interactive Movie)

Published: 12.05.2023

In "The Lab: Avoiding Research Misconduct," you become the lead characters in an interactive movie and make decisions about integrity in research that can have long-term consequences. The simulation addresses Responsible Conduct of Research topics such as avoiding research misconduct, mentorship res

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Checklists on academic and research integrity in thesis writing

Published: 24.10.2022

Three brief checklists focused on academic and research integrity. The first is intended for master students writing their own thesis, the other one is for PhD students writing and publishing their first paper and the third one is for their supervisors. The checklists guide the student or superviso

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Interpreting Similarity Reports

Published: 09.09.2021

Slides (and structure) of a workshop focused on work with similarity reports from systems supporting plagiarism detection. There are three PDFs attached - they are the reports which will be used for the decisions.

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Text Recycling Research Project

Published: 06.07.2021

The Text Recycling Research Project (TRRP) has just released guidelines and educational materials for editors and authors on text recycling in research writing:  Best Practices for ResearchersUnderstanding Text Recycling: A Guide for ResearchersUnderstanding Text Recycling: A Gui

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Onlinekurs: Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis

Published: 21.06.2021

Die Wissenschaft hat sich Regeln gegeben: die Prinzipien guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis. Sie zu kennen ist eine wichtige Orientierungshilfe, um Angst vor unbeabsichtigtem Fehlverhalten abzubauen. Der Onlinekurs Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis legt einen Grundstein für regelkonformes, eigenverant

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Understanding academic integrity

Published: 28.04.2021

TEQSA has developed these free resources to help strengthen academic integrity at Australian higher education institutions. These materials are free to use by students, academics and providers in-class, on campus or as part of student-focused communications on websites, intranets, in newsletters or

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Integridad académica en mi labor docente

Published: 28.02.2021

Curso introductorio sobre integridad académica en la labor docente. El participante analizará los planteamientos relativos a la integridad académica desde su definición hasta su aplicación en la labor docente tomando en cuenta la importancia de su figura como profe

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Seneca’s Integrity Matters application

Published: 13.02.2021

Seneca’s Integrity Matters application (app) is intended to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of academic integrity that will help them make informed decisions.This app has been adapted from the University of Waterloo’s Foundations for Academic Success App, which was de

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Integrity Matters Mobile Application

Published: 13.02.2021

The Integrity Matters Mobile Application, made possible by an eCampus Research and Innovation grant, is an innovative and interactive app developed to enhance student academic integrity knowledge. The app gives students an overview of the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI) 

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Jak se vyhnout plagiátorství

Published: 04.02.2021

Příručka pro studenty je výstupem centralizovaného rozvojového projektu MŠMT „Posílení prevence plagiátorství ve studentských pracích“ a představuje shodu autorského kolektivu z osmi českých u

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