Real-life example: Blaming the nurse

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Published: 04.08.2019
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This document is a real-life example illustrating importance of the values of academic integrity in professional life. It was created as a part of Toolkit for cross-sector cooperation in terms of academic integrity within Erasmus+ project.

It is a ready-to-use case study accompanied with didactic notes and discussion questions and/or other tasks for the audience. Find more case studies in ENAI database of educational materials.

  • Target audience: Higher education students, any level, particularly useful for engineering and computing specialists, but also highly relevant to healthcare and medical students
  • Summary: Based on a true story about medical professionals being blamed for deaths due to unresolved problems arising from faulty equipment
  • Objective: To highlight how important it is to thoroughly test medical equipment and to keep an open mind when investigating life-threatening failures
  • Length: allow 90-120 minutet

The material consists from a presentation, a document with instructions for a teacher, an article from ITNow and a ZIP file containing instructions for each actor of role playing.


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