Scientific integrity

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Published: 23.09.2019
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This video was created by medical students in a curricular unit called “academic integrity” under the coordination of a teacher who launched a “video challenge” to promote academic/scientific integrity.

The main statement is: “Science is a beautiful gift to humanity we should not distort it” (Abdul Kalam).

The video addresses the main causes involved in scientific fraud and its consequences for biomedicine research and ultimately for people's live highlighting scientific integrity has been founded on high ethical standards and is essential to produce sound science.

Target Group Recommendation:
The video is great to introduce the topic of scientific integrity and its importance for (biomedical) science. It may be also used as an example of the type of challenges that can be proposed to students in order to engage them in academic integrity (and to give them the opportunity to be autonomous, innovative, creative, critical thinkers and to work with supportive colleagues).

Released: Sept 2019
Features: 2:42 min, Portuguese, English subtitles

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