How to remember what you read?

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Published: 04.06.2018
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Released: Feb 2011
Features: 2:22 min, English subtitles

Review: This video introduces eight useful tips for improving your basic study skills. According to the video you need good techniques, purpose, visualization and focus to remember more efficiently what you read. The presented 8 steps are:

  1. To skim information slowly as a preparation for gathering key points
  2. To read word groups rather than single words
  3. To categorize new information and associate it with other knowledge
  4. To take short notes and say these words aloud
  5. Study with purpose and confidence, paraphrase to simplify your understanding
  6. Visualize facts with names to be remembered
  7. To concentrate with purpose on one thing at a time, i.e. a sentence or a paragraph
  8. To pay attention to the times of a day when you are most active

Target Group Recommendation: The presented tips regarding working skills are specific, concise, and easy to implement. It could be helpful for beginners. Referencing is not addressed, even though the presented techniques can help to prevent referencing mistakes and plagiarism.
The video proceeds very quickly, probably too quickly for showing it in a class. It is more suitable to be watched by the students during self-study. Unfortunately subtitles or textual notes are missing. Especially non-native speakers will need to repeat it. Please mind that the video is provided by the private for-profit company financed by commercials. The video contains product placements.

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