In these hard days, the European Network for Academic Integrity expresses its strong support for Ukraine. We are absolutely horrified by the Russian aggression towards Ukrainian sovereignty and the Ukrainian people, which we thought would not be possible in the 21st century.

We stand with our colleagues and friends. We know that (not only) ENAI member institutions are already supporting Ukrainian universities and students. Even though we cannot directly stop the war, we think of you, pray for you and hope that Western leaders finally find the courage to appropriate action. That courage is among the core academic integrity values.

What each of us can do is to support the people hit by the war and welcome the refugees.

Dear Non-Ukrainian ENAI members, please consider direct support towards our Ukrainian members and partner organizations:

If you would like to support our members from Ukraine, please contact our executive manager (

On behalf of the ENAI Board let me thank you for your support

Tomáš Foltýnek

President of the Board