ENAI Ethical Evaluation

The European Network for Academic Integrity offers initial impartial evaluation of proposals for ethical approval relating to research, projects, consultations, or teaching carried out by individuals attached to ENAI member institutions and by individual supporters.

The evaluation process has been designed to provide initial guidance and advice on proposals for:

  • ENAI members preparing for an institutional approval process
  • ENAI members who do not have access to an institutional ethical approval process

In addition, this process serves as ethical approval for:

  • ENAI’s own research projects,
  • any data collection activities taking place at ENAI events (e.g. conferences)


The procedure to apply for evaluation:

Please use the ENAI Ethics Application form (available in the members’ section – please email ENAI if you don’t have the password to access the members’ section) to provide as much information as possible about your planned project or study and send this via email to ethics@academicintegrity.eu. Depending on the purpose, the details will be reviewed by a combination of ENAI members and independent external reviewers, all with experience in evaluating ethical approval proposals. Based on the recommendations, the ENAI Ethical Advisory Group (EIAWG) will (a) provide feedback on strengths and weaknesses (b) provide guidance on how to improve the proposal (c) advise on reasons why an application is unlikely to be successful. We intend to complete this procedure within 40 days (30 days for the review followed by a maximum of 10 days for the EIAWG decision, subject to availability).

Please note, that, in any case, the ENAI ethical evaluation is not a substitute for your institutional approval process.

We hope this process will help ENAI members (including independent researchers) who do not have access to a formal institutional ethical approval procedure to design their research projects according to internationally recognised ethical standards and principles.


If you have any questions about the ENAI Ethical approval process, please contact us at ethics@academicintegrity.eu.


Ethical Approval

Synonym: Ethics approvalEthical review

A formal process checking whether a research proposal or plan complies with ethical standards and factors in management of necessary risks and ethical problems that could arise.


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ENAI Ethical Approval

The approval procedure is required for all ENAI projects, and for any data collection activities taking place at ENAI conferences, workshops, or other events.

The main aim of this approval procedure is to ensure that all ENAI projects and studies are designed in accordance with international ethical guidance, by addressing any health & safety issues with risk assessments. However, this approval is not a substitute for institutional ethical approval required by participants and/or collaborators.

Please note, many institutions usually require researchers to submit for their own ethical approval, especially if the data collection is based on their institutions. Where applicable, additional ethical approvals must be obtained in line with internal institutional policies.