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We are an association gathering educational institutions and individuals interested in maintaining and promoting academic integrity. We are the biggest academic integrity network in Europe and we belong to key players in academic integrity worldwide. We are in touch with the experts in the field and cooperate with European and international organizations oriented toward academic and research integrity.


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ENAI Recommendations on the Ethical use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are constantly being released into the public domain. As with all new technological innovations, this brings a range of opportunities and challenges for education: primarily for educators and learners. There is an increasing interest in the academic community and beyond to use Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED) to generate content. This presents opportunities and challenges for academic and research integrity.

ENAI presents a set of recommendations with the aim of supporting academics, researchers and other educational stakeholders, including students’ organisations, on the ethical use of AI tools. The recommendations focus on the importance of equipping stakeholders with the skills and knowledge to use AI tools ethically and the need to develop and implement relevant educational policies addressing the opportunities and challenges posed by AIED.


Full details of the ENAI Recommendations on the Ethical use of Artificial Intelligence can be found here: link

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Joint International Conference on Ethics and Integrity in Academia: Plagiarism, Prevention and Pedagogy in a New Digital Era, Gatineau - Ottawa (Canada), 21st-24th May 2024

Victim Support Portal

Support for victims and other people on issues of misconduct and questionable practices in research and education.


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Upcoming Events

Webinar Utilizing AI in Higher Education and Introduction to the European Network for Academic Integrity
By Sonja Bjelobaba
Wed, 24 Apr 2024 14:00 - 15:30 CEST (online)

Joint International Conference on Ethics and Integrity in Academia: Plagiarism, Prevention and Pedagogy in a New Digital Era
Co-organised by PUPP, CSAI & ENAI
21st - 24th May 2024, Gatineau - Ottawa (Canada)

ENAI Academic Integrity PhD Summer School
Konstanz (Germany)
16th-20th September 2024

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The ENAI Working groups are central to the activities conducted by ENAI. All groups are open to ENAI members and supporters, as well as anyone else who wants to contribute to the group activities. Anyone who is interested in joining any of the working group, is invited to contact the head of the group.

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