The registration for the ENAI Monthly Webinars is open now! The ENAI monthly webinar are free open webinars on various topics related to academic integrity. Anyone interested in academic integrity is invited.

The first webinar will take place already on 9th September at 13:00 CEST and we will start with an academic integrity celebrity –  dr. Thomas Lancaster. You might know dr. Lancaster for his research and speeches on contract cheating, so the topic of the webinar: Artificial intelligence and academic integrity might sound surprising. Dr. Lancaster actually sees the artificial intelligence as a new upcoming thread to academic integrity… see more in the webinar annotation below.

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Artificial intelligence and academic integrity

by Thomas Lancaster

9th September

Webinar annotation:

Artificial intelligence is becoming part of everyday life for many, so much so that many current students will find themselves relying on artificial intelligence tools when they progress into employment. The educational community has not yet fully embraced the opportunities offered through artificial intelligence or considered the possibly ways in which these technologies could be
misused by students, allowing them to breach academic integrity standards.
Join this webinar where Dr Thomas Lancaster will discuss artificial intelligence technologies available for students now and how this can be used to provide them with unauthorised assistance for written and creative assignments. He will demonstrate written and graphical outputs from current tools that students can access and consider how the educational community should adapt its processes in light of artificial intelligence.

About the lecturer:

Dr Thomas Lancaster is a Senior Teaching Fellow in Computing at Imperial College London, UK, with responsibility for student support. He has been researching academic integrity related topics since 2000. Thomas is best known for research into contract cheating, a threat to academic integrity he first discussed in 2006. He now sees a similar threat posed by artificial intelligence and encourages the sector to consider early interventions to this threat. Thomas works with sector bodies on academic integrity and regularly delivers keynote addresses and provides training on associated issues.
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