Facing Academic Integrity Threats (FAITH)

Project Summary

The FAITH is an Erasmus+ project under the Cooperation partnerships in higher education (project number 2021-1-TR01-KA220-HED-000027559).

Academic integrity (AI) is a crucial aspect of quality assurance in higher education (HE) institutions. Lack of integrity undermines trust in university diplomas and academia as a whole. Considering the digital transformation of HE institutions by the outbreak of COVID-19, there is an increased concern regarding the violations of academic integrity. All educational institutions need robust policies/procedures for managing suspicions of academic misconduct by students. Previous research has demonstrated that maturity and effectiveness of institutional policies vary greatly across institutions and between countries.

With the implementation of this project, we aim to reach the following objectives that relevant to our project results:

  • Establish a benchmark for minimum standards for academic integrity policies in Europe and beyond based on good practice internationally.
  • Provide evidence-based guidance and training materials on how to detect and deter plagiarism and contract cheating in education and training stakeholders about academic writing accompanied by good academic integrity samples on the matter.
  • Establish a support network and provide an advisory service using an interactive web portal for guidance and sharing experience for anyone affected by unethical academic conduct.

The FAITH project will focus on improving national and institutional policies for AI in HE. Through a review of educational sources globally, we will draw on best practice to create benchmarks for AI standards, policies and approaches, tuned for use in partner countries. Using well-tested questionnaires and focus groups, we will capture factors that influence student conduct. Working internationally, we will collate ideas for best practices on strategies relating to plagiarism and contract cheating. By examining all available evidence, we will formulate a holistic approach for deterring plagiarism and contract cheating. Results will be disseminated within partner countries and beyond through conferences, workshops and scientific papers. Training materials will be developed from the results for guiding managers, teachers and students in higher education. Online courses and face-to-face workshops will be developed and delivered, translated into languages of participating organisations. Course completion certificates will be issued to participants. We will also develop an online platform to provide practical advice and guidance to all victims who seek support.

The project lasts for 36 months (from 28th February 2022 to 27th February 2025).

Project Results

Project Result 1 – Policy for good practice

Establishing a benchmark for minimum standards for academic integrity policies in Europe and beyond based on good practice internationally.

  • PR1A HEAI Policy Corpus
  • PR1B Evidence-based Guideline
  • PR1C A Webinar for HE Policymakers

Project Result 2 – Proactive approach to deter academic misconduct in the digital era

Helping academics and undergraduate students to prevent, deter and detect academic misconduct through evidence-based guidance and training materials.

  • PR2A Collecting Experiences on Academic Integrity
  • PR2B Adapting and Developing the Guidance in the Era of Digitalization (educational materials)
  • PR2C Online Workshops/Interactivities for Stakeholders (academics, undergraduates, administrators)

Project Result 3 – Support for victims of academic misconduct

An interactive portal and support network will be created to aid victims of unethical practice.

  • PR3A Understanding different needs of potential victims
  • PR3B Creating an academic support network and an online forum to provide confidential and impartial advice to victims
  • PR3C Develop and SustainEducational and Mentoring Support for Victims via Online Discussions

Project Partners

  • Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University (Turkey)
  • European Network for Academic Integrity
  • University of Konstanz (Germany)
  • University of Maribor (Slovenia)
  • University of Porto (Portugal)

FAITH Events

  • Multiplier Events:
    • European Conference on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism 2022 (Porto)
    • European Conference on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism 2024 (Canakkale)
  • Learning Teaching Training Activities:
    • ENAI Academic Integrity PhD Summer School – University of Maribor, Slovenia (August 2023)
    • ENAI Academic Integrity PhD Summer School – University of Konstanz, Germany (September 2024)