ENAI (European Network of Academic Integrity)

Prevent plagiarism

European Network for Academic Integrity project is consisted by 12 High Educational Institutions from different countries, whose goal is together to combat the academic dishonesty (as plagiarism, cheating, ghost writing etc.).


to collaborate towards research and promotion of academic integrity

to present best practices in the management of academic integrity and organize conferences, workshops and other events on academic integrity

to provide a platform for academics across all sectors to investigate, exchange, develop, collaborate and access resources in the field of academic integrity and to network and collaborate with individuals and organisations actively pursuing related research

to offer opportunities for researchers, educators and practitioners to take a leadership role in the field of academic integrity

to make available a central point of reference where issues of academic integrity can be discussed, researched, progressed and shared with the wider academic community

to appreciate individual and institutional efforts regarding academic integrity by offering awards.

  • ENAI is a European platform for promoting academic integrity issues, sharing experiences, ideas, materials, etc, to help higher education institutions prevent academic misconduct  and promote academic and research integrity. The idea of creating a European platform is prompted by a need to develop institutional skills to manage academic ethics and promote academic integrity through networking and exchange of good practices.
  • An important aim will be to raise awareness in the matters of plagiarism, academic ethics and academic integrity. ENAI will be focused not only on students, but on whole academia (professors, post-docs, PhD, administration staff and management, including academic ethics committees, etc.). It means that ENAI will address such misbehaviour in academia as cheating, plagiarism, scientific misconduct, mobbing (bullying), and so on.


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3rd International Conference Plagiarism across Europe and beyond 24th-26th May 2017

Conference Topics:

  • Research papers/ short papers/ posters and workshops are welcome in following areas:
  • Best practices and strategies for awareness/ prevention/ detection of academic misconduct
  • Innovation in use of eFtools and technologies for addressing plagiarism
  • Internationalisation/ student mobility and academic integrity
  • National and local projects about academic integrity
  • Contract cheating including ghost-writing and essay mills

For further information please visit the following link or contact at the following email.

Website: http://plagiarism.cz/

Email : conference@plagiarism.cz