Call for proposals: Organization and Hosting of the 2026 ENAI Annual Conference

The ENAI annual conference, since 2023 called the European Conference on Ethics and Integrity in Academia, is organized annually by universities in Europe and beyond.

2026 will mark the 12th year of the conference, which has built a global  reputation. In the past  years, participants from nearly all continents have participated.

The location and the organizer of each conference are decided at least two years in advance. Member institutions of ENAI are invited to submit proposals to host the  2026 conference. The proposal should include the following information:

  • organizing institution, team, motivation, and experience, (Max 1 page)
  • the venue, including its accessibility from a major airport(s), (Max 1 page)
  • ideas on conference programs (in addition to presentations and workshops), (Max 2 pages)
  • specific conference topics and themes, (Max 1 page)
  • ideas on keynote speakers, (Max 1 page)
  • ideas on social programs, (Max 1 page)
  • expected conference fee and participation grants/awards, (Max 2 pages)
  • possible benefits of organizing the conference in a specific country and institution. (Max 2 pages)

Proposals should be written on A4 or letter-size paper, in 12-point font using single line spacing and normal character spacing.

Proposals are invited to host the 2026 conference and possibly in future years. Expressions of interest should reach us by 1st May 2024  11:59 p.m. CEST and the deadline for detailed proposals is 15th May 2024 11:59 p.m. CEST. All communications should be sent electronically to

ENAI members will vote for the best proposal in an online voting after the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) of ENAI. The AGM will be part of the  Joint International Conference on Ethics and Integrity in Academia: Plagiarism, Prevention and Pedagogy in a New Digital Era, Gatineau – Ottawa, Canada. Proposals will be circulated electronically in advance and those submitting proposals will have an opportunity to present their case at the AGM.

Find more detailed information in the Terms and Conditions document.

Find more information about the ENAI Conference Organisation Packages.