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How to Review and Deal with Peer Review in Academic Publishing

Alireza Salehi-Nejad
13th October 2023, 13:00 CEST

Going through the peer review process can be very challenging; particularly, when one has invested so much time in their manuscript and a reviewer thinks it needs more work. This workshop aims to provide some useful advice on how to deal with the reviewer comments and keep the submission moving smoothly through the publishing process. In this workshop, you will be familiarized with the initial steps you should take, and the correct tone and language to use in your response letter. In addition, this workshop intends to help you to see your manuscript through the eyes of an editor and reviewer; hence, you can spot any shortfalls or mistakes prior to submitting the manuscript. Ultimately, this workshop facilitates levelling the playing field by revealing what an editor really wants.

Topics & Learning Outcomes:
  • The purpose, process, and responsibilities in peer review
  • Types of peer review
  • Recent developments in peer review
  • How a manuscript is reviewed
  • Evaluating methodology
  • Detecting research misconduct
  • How reviewers should provide constructive criticism and meaningful feedback to authors and editors
  • Types of revision
  • Examples of constructive feedback
  • Responding to reviewers’ comments
  • How to become a reviewer

About the lecturer

Alireza Salehi-Nejad is a multidisciplinary researcher at the Faculty of World Studies, University of Tehran. Alireza is the Head of ENAI’s Academic Integrity Surveys Working Group, and frequently edits and reviews manuscripts for journals published by SAGE, Elsevier, Cambridge University Press, and Nature, among others. Alireza serves as a mentor in Web of Science Academy, and is recognized as the Top Reviewer in Social Sciences by Publons and received the Sentinel of Science Award in 2016, and the Excellent Reviewer Award in 2017.

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