By Dr Zeenath Reza Khan

As a community of passionate researchers, academics and professionals, we are an amazing collective point of expertise and resources that we can use to support the greater community of educators and students. The motivation behind forming this working group is to develop a support system through outreach activities targetting individuals, institutions and students from lesser developed economies.
UN Sustainable Goals 4 states that education is for all and there should be absolute accessibility and inclusivity in education. It is no longer a choice for the few, but a right of the masses. Academic integrity being the foundation upon which education stands, is key to ensuring the learning process, the knowledge imparted and the skills taught are infused with the values of fairness, courage, truth-fullness, trustworthiness, respect, honesty and responsibility. By extension then, it becomes incumbent on us as a community, if we truly believe education is for all, that upholding integrity in education is also for all.
With globalization, student mobility and fluidity of knowledge sharing, our classrooms are packed with students from diverse backgrounds, just as our faculty represent their strong educational and cultural backgrounds from various parts of the world. Therefore ENAI working group aims to work together with like-minded members to develop strategies to provide accessibility of resources, training, advice and expertise to institutions, individuals and students to help establish culture of integrity beyond borders.
If you would like to become member of this working group, please contact Zeenath Reza Khan.

Members of the group

Zeenath Reza Khan

Sonja Bjelobaba
Salim Razi
Shiva Sivasubramaniam

Outreach Activities

WERA workshops

As part of our active efforts, Dr Salim has forged a collaboration with the World Education Research Association – Doctoral Early Career Network (WERA-DEC) to support PhD students and early-career researchers through hands-on workshops related to ethics and integrity in education and research. The workshop details can be found here.