You are invited to attend a Free Webinar titled Personal & Professional Ethics: Beyond Academic Integrity on Friday, April 28, 2023 from 12 – 1 pm EST.


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Personal ethics, academic integrity and professional ethics are three intertwined concepts as underlying ethical values and adherence to ethical and professional standards guide our behavior. The consequences of ethical breaches and academic dishonesty have a detrimental effects not only on individuals, but also on the institutions, businesses, and society at large.


In this webinar, the bridges between our personal ethics, academic integrity and professional ethics in research, business, and society will be explored. How can educational institutions highlight the transferability of ethical values from one context to another and how can we better prepare our students for a life after the academia? The role of the policies, guidelines, education, as well as the involvement of the stakeholders will be explored and examples of educational material provided.


Sonja Bjelobaba is researcher at the Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics as well as an associate professor in Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian at the Department of Modern Languages the Uppsala university. She also serves as a vice-president of European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) and co-ordinator of the Erasmus+ strategic partnership project Bridging Integrity in Higher Education, Business and Society (BRIDGE, 2020-2023).


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Sonja Bjelobaba, the Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics